1. Job Purpose :
•   To setup , drive and build the SBL (Equity Finance) business to grow revenues, improve profit margins and offer new lending opportunities.
  1. Key Accountabilities :Expected End Results
•   Increased use of SBL
1. Identify and action on the sources of business (borrowing and lending)
2. Conduct marketing activities targeting at traders, retail clients to promote the use of SBL
3. Co-marketing with Sales/B2B to pitch to institutional clients and users of SBL
•   Process improvements to Borrowing and Lending of Shares
1. Make continuous improvement to the SBL system and workflow
2. Automate to maximize stock utilization rate
•   Strong network of relationships with Lenders
1. Work closely with counterparties to build revenues
2. Build a wider network of counterparties for efficient pricing discovery
•   Develop strategic lending abilities
1. Identify lending opportunities in new markets
2. Build up lending inventory

•   Maximize Profitability
1. Identify and grow revenue sources
2. Manage expenses and costs

Qualification :
•      Direct experience in SBL as a service provider
•      Direct Start Up experience
•      Good communication in English
•      Ability to identify key drivers of growth in areas of Equity Finance
•      Pleasant personality
•      Good in negotiation    
•      Passionate in market developments

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